Exhibition February-May 2013

Commission for the Art Gallery of SA, The Studio in association with “Turner from the Tate exhibition”. “Of Light and Clouds” Digital animation inspired by the later works of JMW Turner. Video and original music score by Bridgette Minuzzo. 1.10 seconds clip of a 7.45 minute continuously looping video.

Of Light and Clouds Art Gallery72dpi

“Of Light and Clouds”. The Studio installation view, projected video 2 metres square, hand painted wallpaper.


The Studio, “Of Light and Clouds” projected on wall. Children engaged in art activity inspired by JMW Turner.


“Of Light and Clouds” Projection in Rundle Street Adelaide


“Of Light and Clouds” projection onto ABC Building Adelaide


“Chasing Clouds” time lapse photography of sunrises and sunsets, summer 2013. Installation view, The Studio, in association with Turner from the Tate exhibition, Art Gallery of SA. 3m in length, continuously looping video, 11.5 minutes.


Still from “Chasing Clouds” time lapse video


Still from “Chasing Clouds” time lapse video, summer 2013


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