Moving Image


SAHMRI Through Another Lens

2014 Artist-in-residence at South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute, Bridgette Minuzzo, interprets in moving image, the form and function of this unique Health and Medical Research Institute. Sound scape produced from recordings of heartbeat, breath and the artist singing elements of the periodic table.


Phantasmagoria, exterior view

Exterior brown4883Phantasmagoria, interior view

Phantasmagoria (1 minute clips)

Phantasmagoria 2013 is a visual and sound work produced from the Adelaide Festival Theatre, about this architecture, presented on the building. Using new technologies (rear projection window screens and a Solid Drive sound transducer) the Adelaide Festival Theatre windows became a canvas for the digital artwork and a speaker for the sound composition. In collaboration with sound editor Dave Christopher sounds from the AFC building itself were recorded to create a music composition: percussion on building surfaces, backstage pulleys and ropes, audience hubbub and the bell announcing Showtime.

Phantasmagoria Documentation video

40th Anniversary Commissioned Artwork, supported by the Government of South Australia through Arts SA and the Helpmann Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts.


A comment about our increasing reliance on a technological interface to engage with each other and with the world.

Of Light and Clouds Commission for the Art Gallery of SA, The Studio in association with “Turner from the Tate” exhibition. Digital animation inspired by the later works of JMW Turner. Video and original music score by Bridgette Minuzzo. 1.10 seconds clip of a 7.45 minute continuously looping video. Art Gallery of South Australia, February to May 2013.

Of Light and Clouds Art Gallery72dpi

Of Light and Clouds, The Studio Art Gallery of SA installation view.


Of Light and Clouds Rundle Street ptojection from van.

Chasing clouds: A summer spent capturing sunsets and sunrises with time lapse photography. This is a clip from my 12 minute video “Chasing Clouds”. Like many people in an inner city living suburb, I can’t see the horizon, so I relied on weather forecasts and a network of people with a view, then travelled to the coast or hills to capture the cloud filled skies. This project made me take the time to really notice the colour and light in a changing sky.

Gallery view of video, Art Gallery of SA, The Studio, 3m long, 12 min time lapse video

Gallery view of video, Art Gallery of SA, The Studio, 3m long, 12 min time lapse video

Leidoscope. Artist Bridgette Minuzzo brings a psychedelic twist in her response to the iconic 1970’s Adelaide Festival Centre. Starting with photographs of the buildings, she has made animated kaleidoscopes which create symmetry from the distinctive asymmetry of the architecture. The continuously looping imagery of “Leidoscope” is accompanied by original electronic music composed by the artist. Projected 1.5m sq onto 3 walls in the gallery, these works will have a mesmerizing quality.


Leidoscope, clip of animation from photos of architecture of the Adelaide Festival Centre, continuosly looping. Projected 1.5m square, Visions for Now.

Review of Visions for Now. “Bridgette Minuzzo however takes the prize for the most stunning of the works.”

Wallpaper, installation with projected animation and sound, 4m x 2.4m high.
Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition

Emerging Artists Stand Out – UniSA News, March 2012

Drawing the Wind. Video projections and purpose built screen, 7m long, 2.4m high. Installation draws attention to Adelaide Festival Centre architecture and the asymmetrical windows and sky, blacked out for the Visions for Now exhibition.

Bowden Weave: Stop motion video made of while adding some interest to a deserted block of land in Bowden SA. Recylced materials were woven through fences by local artist Bridgette Minuzzo.


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