Bridgette completed a PhD in 2019 at the University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design. PhD research was supported by an RTP scholarship, a National Travel Grant and Conference Scholarship, ‘ACUADS 2018’ Curtin University.

Topic: Art and Attention Restoration Theory; How landscape-themed art may contribute to a restorative environment in windowless workplaces.


Myriorama, acrylic on card, 2018. Study 3, artworks installed in a student break-out space, University of South Australia.BMinuzzo_NationalScienceConferenceResearch Poster presented at the National Science Conference, Australian Society for Medical Research, 2018.

Published Papers:

Article for SA Mental Health Commission

Published Article ACUADS Transitions Conference, Perth WA, 2018

Research as Performance:

Not Just a Pretty Picture National Science Week 2018, Perform Your Science, an Inspiring South Australia event

Media Promotion 2019:

Art Provides a Window of Relief for Stressed Workers, The Lead, 11 Sept 2019

Reduce Workplace Stress by Escaping the Office Through Art, ArtsHub 7 Oct 2019

Office Art can Help Address Stress and Fatigue Levels Wellness Daily, 19 Sept 2019

The Surprising Thing that can Help Reduce Stress in the Workplace Now to Love, NZ, 12th September 2019

FoView 72dpi20181206_133631

Fields of View, Acrylic paint on card and board, 23 found frames, 2018.

PYS_MG_9699Myriorama, acrylic on card, 2018. Series of interchangable paintings, each 500 x 700 mm.

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