Helpmann 95dpi 2092


Bridgette Minuzzo is a visual artist with over twenty years of experience

in creative practice working on, and managing arts projects.

Creative ideas. Making them happen.


Phantasmogoria, a moving image commission for the 40th annniversary celebration of the Adelaide Festival Centre, 2013. I made kaleidoscopic animations from my photographs of the iconic AFC architecture. Original electronic music composed by Minuzzo and Dave Christopher from sounds sampled from the building.

ExteriorPhantasmagoria_4894Phantasmogoria, projection onto the Dress Circle windows, AFC, SALA Festival 2013.

Video About this project: The Way, ARTS SA News Doco, July 1, 2013 http://arts.sa.gov.au/news/the-way-bridgette-minuzzo/