Bridgette Minuzzo is a visual artist working across a diversity of media on commissions and art projects, usually of a large scale. The medium for each work is influenced by the idea(s) to be expressed. Her work includes multimedia visual art, usually developed with the context of a specific location where the work is installed. Processes of cutting, layering and fitting things together seamlessly are integral to Bridgette’s work, be it digital or sculptural. Important aspects are pattern and repetition, as is an awareness of things on the periphery of our senses; light, reflections and sound.
In 2013 Bridgette was commissioned to make projected moving image for the Art Gallery of SA and the Adelaide Festival Centre’s 40th Anniversary. In 2014 Bridgette was the Artist in Residence at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute) and was commissioned to make animations for the Rundle Lantern. The artist lives and works from her studio in a vibrant inner-city community.

A continuing focus is moving image works and soundscapes articulating notions of place. An ARTS SA funded partnership with SAHMRI in 2015 focused on the acoustic experience of human voice in architectural spaces. Bridgette currently has an APA scholarship for a PhD at the University of SA, researching the restorative effects of representations of nature.



One Response to “About”

  1. Don Chapman August 19, 2014 at 3:31 pm #


    I finally made it to the SAHMRI, not an easy place to get to, and was amazed with the geometry of the building and transfixed and impressed by your “Through Another Lens” video. I loved the fact that you poured so many aspects of the artistry of your being into the piece. I felt wonderment, contemplation and reflection mixing through me as I watched. It must be even more engrossing viewed inside the cinema, yes? Thanks for the invitation.

    All the best with your next venture.


    Don Chapman
    0488 092 508
    Skype: don.chapmanarts

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